Please find below all documentation relating to the handling of Covid-19 practices at Lyme School of Ballet. It is imperative that these documents are reviewed prior to classes, and for our safety it is key that we follow these guidelines at all times.

Health Management, Hygiene and Cleaning (Updated April 2021)

Organisation of Classes at Woodmead Halls (Updated April 2021)

Organisation of Classes at St. Michael’s Parish Church Hall (Updated April 2021)

Organisation for Exam Day (Updated November 2020)

School Brochure & New Student Registration Form:

For new students, please use the link below to fill in our Registration Form. Please bring this along to your first free trial class or email a completed copy of the document to Miss Freya.

Brochure and Registration Form

New Adult / SILVER SWANS Students:

For our Adult Students, please also fill in this second health form, following the link below. Please bring this along to your first free trail class or email a completed copy to Miss Freya.

Adult Health Commitment Statement

LYME SCHOOL OF BALLET Uniform Regulations:

Please see our Uniform Regulations document below for all children’s and young adult Royal Academy of Dance classes available at Lyme School of Ballet. Our Uniform Regulations follow the Royal Academy of Dance’s own policy for classical ballet examinations and we take pride in our students coming to class beautifully presented and ready to dance!

Please note that we do not have a specific uniform for our Dance To Your Own Tune, pre-school students. Sometimes our littlest ones would much rather come to our pre-school sessions dressed as Cinderella or even a Pirate (we’ve seen all sorts of lovely adventurous things!). So long as the students are comfortable and able to move freely, for this youngest age group we are very flexible. Having said this, many of our youngest do still come along in a little tutu which is absolutely fine too! Only when students reach Pre-Primary in Dance (around 4 and a bit years old) does the uniform become more formal.

We do not have a specific uniform policy for Adult and Silver Swans dancers although a tutu or Von Rothbart cape is always welcome!!

Uniform Regulations (Updated March 2022)

How to secure your hair:

Please ensure that any female students always attend class with a neat and secure ballet bun.

For boys with a longer hair-style, please ensure that hair is always swept away from the face and secured as necessary.

Remember: Ballet buns require a hair net with ballet pins (not a doughnut with bobby pins…)!

How To Make The Perfect Ballet Bun

further policies:

Policy documents covering health and safety, child safeguarding, code of conduct, and teaching are available on request.

Photo by Ashley Roy.